Submit a Tip

These tips are for your safety and the understanding of your status as a tipster

By providing information that Crime Stoppers will share with law enforcement agencies, you are providing an important and valuable public service. We understand that disclosure of your identity might put you at risk. We do everything we can to protect your anonymity.

Protect your anonymity

Do not reveal any personal information such as your name, location, phone number, email address, etc.

Make sure no one is listening or recording

Do not use cordless phones (cellphones are ok), stay away from CCTV cameras or crowded environments when submitting a tip.

Anonymity may be open to challenge in the following situations:

  • A call to Crime Stoppers made with the intention of “furthering criminal activity or interfering with the administration of justice”. A party who is guilty of a crime cannot use Crime Stoppers to try to divert the blame onto someone else. Crime Stoppers cannot be used to try to “frame” an innocent person.
  • There is evidence that disclosure of some or all of a tip is necessary to establish someone’s innocence.
  • A tipster having received the benefit of full legal advice may, for his or her own reasons, elect to waive the privilege.

Think twice before taking credit for solving a crime

Phone, cellphones and browsers

If you suspect someone could (including forcibly) gain access to your device after you submitted a tip, make sure that you clear your browser’s history, your phone’s call log and your SMS history, depending on which device and method you used to submit the tip.

Only provide information that is already available

No one will ask you to obtain information or collect evidence. If you do so, and choose / decide to come forward in order to work with the investigators, you would no longer be part of the CrimeStoppers program and you may have to later waive your anonymity and/or testify.

More Information

For a fuller explanation of CrimeStoppers’ principles, visit the National Canadian CrimeStoppers Association.