Nanaimo RCMP Media Advisory
Nanaimo file # 2020-21192

A male with a cigarette lighter that resembled a firearm lead to he and his friend being arrested, their vehicle searched, numerous police vehicles attending and the closure of a main roadway. The incident occurred at approximately 4 pm on Friday June 12th at Pipers Pub, on Hammond Bay Road.

Just after 4 pm police received a 911 call reporting a male with a black pistol had just walked into Pipers Pub. This same male and another male were then seen just minutes later exiting the Pub, carrying a case of beer and leaving in a vehicle. The witness provided the plate of number to police.

Just minutes later attending officers located the vehicle travelling west bound on Hammond Bay Road. The vehicle was stopped and the two males were removed from the vehicle at gun point and arrested for pointing a firearm. Officers searched the vehicle and located a lighter that resembled a mini blow torch. No weapons were found in the vehicle and a picture of the lighter was taken and shown to the witness who confirmed that it is what was seen.

The police officers explained their actions to the males who were then released from custody with no charges. Both agreed and stated they could understand how the lighter could have been confused with a real gun.

The officers also stressed to the males that it might be time to consider moving to a more conventional lighter,  said Constable Gary O’Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP.