In recent weeks, the Nanaimo RCMP is seeing an increase in theft from vehicles, break and enters and other thefts, throughout Nanaimo. Please ensure when parking your vehicles, all valuables are removed, windows are secured and the vehicle is locked. Businesses should also remove all valuable items from window displays, in the event windows are smashed. Also, make sure there is no cash on site. Having a sign on your window to advise the public of this, is a good idea. Lastly, suspicious people, vehicles and activity should be always be reported to the Nanaimo RCMP non-emergency line at 250-754-2345

Nanaimo file # 2020-11234 Sometime overnight on Tuesday March 24th Easy Home, located at 550 Fifth St, had its front door smashed. It does not appear that there was entry gained, to the interior of the building. Video surveillance showed a male, dressed all in black throwing a large object at the front door then walking away. Businesses should make all attempts to secure main entrances by removing all high-end items from window displays and main doors. Additionally, ensure there is no cash on site.  All alarms should also be checked periodically to ensure they are working properly.

Nanaimo 2020-11384 Sometime overnight on Wednesday March 25th a house under construction on Bonnie Drive was broken into. Thieves gained access through a garage that did not yet, have a door installed. Once inside, thieves gained access to the interior of the home by breaking through the drywall. Some tools taken consisted of  a Columbia Mud Pump, Columbia 10″ fat boy box, 2 silver stilts, Dewalt table saw with stand, and a Dewalt 12″ chop saw. Engraved all tools with an identifying number such a driver’s license. To help in identifying stolen items, take pictures of everything.

Nanaimo file #2020-11343 Overnight on Wednesday March 25th a vehicle parked and locked on Nelson Road was broken into. A number of items were taken, such as a London Fog grey pea coat with a silver bear crest on the left side, Grunden orange/black rain gear, 2 Kiltec coats- one black and puffy, the other grey and puffy, 8 Frost filleting knives and a Samsung 7 phone.

Nanaimo 2020-11241 Overnight on Tuesday March 24th thieves made off with a bicycle from a balcony of an apt, located in the 300 bock of Selby St. The bike was a blue 700 cc Motodecane and no serial number was available. Bike owners are reminded to ensure their bikes are locked and to register it at  

Nanaimo file # 2020-11360 Sometime overnight on Wednesday March 25th thieves stole a centre console from an unlocked vehicle, parked in the 2000 block of Mountain Vista Drive. Taken from the console was an old inactive cell phone and some loose change. Vehicles owners need to ensure that all vehicles are secured before retiring for the night, and that all valuables are removed.

Nanaimo file # 2020-11597 Sometime overnight on Friday March 27th thieves unlawfully entered the compound surrounding the Nanaimo Parks and Recreation annex building, located in the 1000 block of Nanaimo River Road. It appears the chain link fence was scaled. Once inside the compound, door handles were broken off four parked vehicles, and a number of non-descript hand tools taken.